How to choose the best mobile data deals

The costs of mobile data have fallen dramatically over the last decade. But how do you know which network is giving you the best deal? Our guide will make sure you’re not overpaying for your mobile data. There are lots of mobile data deals, such as Cell c data deals, telkom data deals, Mtn deals, Telkom mobile, rain data, Vodacom data deals, and more.

In this smartphone-ridden world, the need for mobile data deals/connectivity cannot be stressed enough. Hence the reason for as many forms of broadband to choose from as possible. The most convenient at this point, which has managed to connect a majority of people to the internet is the wireless network. Used mostly on smartphones, this involves having an internet connection from your SIM which works mostly for voice calls and SMS messages.

Choosing the best mobile data provider for your needs can be an overwhelmingly rigorous and challenging task. With the different mobile data providers competing in commercials and marketing, you see them blaring all over from television, radio, and even on billboards across all stores. Mobile data plans are always changing with promotional bundles having limited time offers. Nowadays, you even get a data plan when you buy a new smartphone. With the smartphones also changing and upgrading at a very fast rate, it all looks like a bargain and it is very easy to find oneself in debt where one initially thought one had struck a good deal.

So then how do you choose the best mobile data deal for yourself, bearing in mind all the marketing and commercial work that works around it constantly?

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1. Contract data deals or prepaid data deals?

A contract line is one you have to use and make payment for whatever you would have used at the end of the month. This includes voice calls as well as data. A prepaid line is when you pay for what you use at the time of using it. Most mobile data providers provide pre-paid services where people can top up their data whenever it is finished.

If you would like convenience especially for business consider getting a contract plan so that you never run out of data or voice call bundles at any given time. This is also encouraged if you are using large volumes of data or calling.

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2. Mobile data bundles

Most mobile data providers have perfected the art of selling to the tech-savvy generation that we are nowadays. With fast advancements in technology, smartphone companies are rolling out new versions of smartphones at a very rapid pace. With that comes the deal of getting the latest gadget while purchasing enough internet to be able to enjoy it fully.

You can get a plan of up to 24 months when you get your gadget through contracts. Although it should be emphasized that reading the fine print of any such agreement is of utmost importance. Other mobile data providers offer massive discount deals when you purchase a smartphone using cash. The best data deals are found in such instances. And the best part about it?- you can sell your smartphone at any time as it fully belongs to you.

3. Mobile data deals

Most carrier plans offer unlimited texts and calling with all plans, so data usage is what you want to take a look at.
A major way to compare different wireless network carriers is to compare their monthly data bundle costs and how much data is being offered on each. Granted there is a standard price set for voice calls and probably for SMS, but the real action in the smartphone-ridden world of today is the data. This is the main reason why you have an internet connection anyway. Therefore above all else, the data plan must be good. Wireless carriers who have pre-paid data offer daily, weekly and monthly bundles.

The monthly data bundles are relatively cheaper and more convenient. Some mobile data carriers can also go as far as 3 month bundles which can even offer promotional night bundles to use as you may during off-peak hours. Shop around for the best data plans, especially ones you can buy once-off. Be wary of promotional periods. Usually, the less popular carriers may actually have great plans on offer. Check out their websites or call their agents for a more informed comparison.

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4. Smaller mobile data carriers may have better plans

The competition for mobile data carriers is quite stiff. Of course, the temptation or seemingly easy option is to go with the bigger, more mainstream companies like Vodacom, Cell C, and MTN, or even Telkom. However, it can be beneficial to take a look at smaller carriers as they might have better data plans. They usually offer pre-paid service at more affordable prices. Although these carriers are often viewed as second-class, they are continually improving and in some cases may be just as good an option as one of the major four carriers.

Smaller carriers like Afrihost, or Axxess may even offer LTE-powered voice calls that are of good quality. Therefore in comparing data plans from across networks, why not take a look at less popular mobile data carriers and see what they are offering. It is also notable that most of the smaller carriers are powered by the larger networks hence enjoying a wide coverage. For example, Afrihost is powered by MTN.

5. Other factors to consider

Of course with these comes other factors like mobile data pricing which is paired up with the data plans you would have streamlined.
It is also important to find out about the area coverage of your chosen mobile data carrier. How good or how fast it is. This can be easily researched by asking people who have been using the same networks for a while.

To add on, because wireless broadband includes the function of voice calls, you need to consider a number which you will use and be called on most frequently especially if it is for business.

If you already have a mobile data plan and are shopping around for better deals, you can also look around the above pointers. Find out exactly how much you are paying with your current wireless carrier and use it as a point of reference to compare various mobile data carriers. Do not forget to also look out for promotional data especially during off-peak hours in the form of midnight deals or however they are phrased by your mobile data carrier of choice.

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