Cordless phones

Ecotel Cordless Phones

Ecotel is one leading supplier of affordable cordless phones and business phones to South Africa. 

Switching from your landline to mobile phones is not the way to go these days. The Ecotel Cordless Phone is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to make calls without being limited by their home phone lines. 

Don’t forget that it doesn’t matter if you are in the kitchen or the garden, and no more missed calls!

Ecotel delivers cordless phone products with unlimited features and functionality. Ecotel provides cordless phones that are affordable, easy to use. For both small businesses and enterprises, save money, and reliable. 

The Ecotel range of cordless phones offers both the individual consumer and the small business user all the features they require for their communication needs without unnecessary bells and whistles adding cost.

High-Quality Ecotel Cordless Phones

The Ecotel cordless phone system offers a reliable, high-quality alternative to more expensive conventional systems. Using proprietary digital technology, the system allows you to enjoy limitless calling without the cost of expensive equipment and long-term contracts.

 It’s ideal for small businesses, enterprises, domestic use, and even across borders with no roaming charges. It’s a smart way to save money while maintaining superior quality in your cordless phone service.

Choose the Best cordless for your business

Ecotel makes the best value for money in terms of functionality and cost. They sell the complete range of Ecotel business cordless phones and accessories giving you the choice to select what is right for you.

Ecotel offers its clients a wide range of digital cordless phone systems, home phone systems, and business solutions like conference phone systems and headsets. Ecotel also offers digital fax services, Internet faxing and e-faxing, caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, and more

Save money

Cordless phones are also known as cordless handsets, cordless phones also have the advantage of being much cheaper than their fixed-line equivalents. 

No extra charges

Get Ecotel Cordless phones are on special offer and their Cordless phones have many functions that other cordless phone companies do not have. Unlike other Cordless phone companies, Ecotel doesn’t make you sign any contracts or have any hidden charges.

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