Cordless voip phones Gigaset Dect Base and Handset | A540IP


Cordless voip phones Gigaset Dect Base and Handset | A540IP
The Gigaset A540 IP offers users the choice of either VoIP or fixed line calls. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of making up to 3 parallel calls. The handsfree talking function allows you to multitask with ease. All VoIP calls reach you with exceptional HD sound with HDSP™ technology. The Gigaset A540 IP’s connection to the Internet allows you to access basic online information services such as the weather forecast, email notification or RSS feeds. If you require a versatile VoIP and fixed line phone, then the Gigaset A540 IP is the solution for you.

– Plug & play
– Stand-alone basis with attractive handset
– 1,8” display with 4 colour schemes
– Multi-line: up to 3 parallel calls (2 VoIP calls + 1 PSTN call)
– Multi-user (up to 6 handsets & 6 VoIP accounts)
– Exceptional sound quality (HDSP)
– Email notification (date + time, sender, header)
– Search in online directories
– Auto-provisioning for Operator/Customer variant
– Auto-provisioning for Retail variant
– Administrator friendly configuration
– Software upgrade & software downgrade

[one_third]Advanced telephony
o For up to 6 SIP accounts and 1 xed-network connection
o Up to 3 calls in parallel (1 xed-line call + 2 internet calls)
o Access to e-mail, online telephone books*, Facebook
o With free app: „Contacts Push‘‘, for transferring smartphone
contacts to the handset
o Illuminated, high-contrast colour display with 4 colours to
choose from
o Brilliant audio / hands free mode quality (HD voice)
o Day/night mode: timed ringtone deactivation, with the
exception of VIP contacts
o VIP call with individual melody and display colour selectable[/one_third]
[one_third]IP- and xed network telephony
o Multiline for up to:
– 6 handsets
– 6 SIP numbers (also of dierent providers)
– 1 xed network connection (analogue)
Individual line allocation according to handset (for incoming
and outgoing calls)
o Easy installation and provider registration
via SIP provider selection list (no PC required)
o Prepared for auto-provisioning*
o Expanded settings via web conguration
o Firmware update directly via handset (no PC required)
o Operation on routers with automatic allocation of the IPaddress
o Quality of Service*: ToS, Diserv, DSCP
o Supported VoIP comfort functions*: conference, hold / call
waiting, call forwarding
o Automatic emergency operation via xed network in case of
faulty VoIP connection[/one_third]
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