Free installation, upto 150Mbps, Upto 64 users, No contracts, no cancellation fees, No hidden fees, No landline/fibre required, Voip compatible Ideal for Youtube streaming, Netflix streaming, TV streaming etc

Uncapped lte deals
Ecotel isp

Super Fast Speeds

We direct your traffic through your geographically closest DNS server, resulting in super fast speeds

Ecotel isp

Instant activation

Purchase Ecotel super fast wifi deals and get your wifi package activated instantly. Amazing right?

Ecotel isp

Multiple wifi devices

Connect multiple devices via wifi and cables and enjoy fast super fast wifi speeds

Ecotel isp

No long term contracts

No long term contracts. We only rely on our service & fast speeds to keeping you around

Ecotel isp

No throttling

Unlike our competitors who limits your speeds from mid month. Our fast speeds remains the same

Ecotel isp

High customer care

Our services are automated with back up to avoid any downtime. Incase there is we help you 247

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Purchase your wifi deal lte deal online and enter your delivery details
  2. Make payment against your invoice using the order number as your reference number and sent proof of payment to [email protected]
  3. Send your passport or id copy and proof of residence to [email protected] using your order number as subject
  4. Receive your sim card if it with a Telkom line you receive ADSL setting instantly to use with your telkom line to connect to internet.
  5. Insert sim card in the router and start using the internet

Johannesburg, Pretoria, Heidelberg, Nigel, Vanderbijlpark

Barberton, Bethal, Emalahleni, Ermelo, Hazyview, Leandra, Lydenburg, Burgersfort, Nelspruit, Secunda

Louis Trichardt, Lephalale, Messina, Modimolle, Polokwane, Potgietersrus, Mokopane, Thohoyandou, Tsakane, Tzaneen

Western cape
Cape Town, George, Hermanus, Mossel Bay, Paarl, Wellington

North west
Klerksdorp, Mafikeng, Potchefstroom, Rustenburg

Earsten cape
East London, Summerstrand, Free state, Bloemfontein, Deneysville

Durban, Newcastle, Port Shepstone, Richards Bay, Shaka’S Rock, Vryheid

Northern Cape

All our wifi is voip compatible.
Yes you can if your router is one of the following: ZTE – MF253, MF283+, MF286 HUAWEI – B618, B315, B2338 TP-Link – MR200. Packages with a Telkom line can be used with any ADSL router connected to a Telkom line.
All our services are prepaid so you pay before you use and the last payment date is the last day of every month
Yes, all our services are month to month. But you must give us a 30 day notice of cancellation.
20GB = R250/m, 50GB = R400/m, 100GB = R600/m, 200GB = R950/m
Wifi packages without a Telkom line are wireless wifi deals and do not require a Telkom line. Wifi deals with a Telkom line require you to have a Telkom line

These days choosing LTE deals in South Africa is affordable than purchasing a weekly data bundle. That idea of limiting yourself because you are afraid that your data will deplete before the weekend sucks. 

In case we have a dummy here, let’s start with the basics before we talk about LTE deals.

What is LTE? 

LTE is an abbreviation that stands for Long Term Evolution. It is a wireless data connection that enables you to stream online or download videos on your mobile device fast. LTE is a type of 4G network technology. It is an upgrade of 3G.

What is LTE deal?

An LTE deal is a package of LTE internet that is set and sold by an LTE internet provider. LTE deals in plural.

Types of LTE internet deals

Two types of LTE internet deals are offered by internet providers in South Africa include;

  • Uncapped LTE deals
  • Capped LTE deals

Uncapped LTE deals

Uncapped LTE deals are packages that are unshaped, unlimited. I will explain. Uncapped LTE data packages are those that you can use any time without worrying about how much data you are spending and extra internet charges. 

However, in South Africa, the case is a bit different. Uncapped packages have a monthly limit of 1TB. And if you exceed the limit before month-end then your connection speed will be reduced to 1Mbp. This is done to prevent the abuse of the internet.

  • Telkom
  • WebAfrica
  • mweb

Capped LTE deals

Capped LTE deals have a set amount of data. And if the data depletes before expiry, then you are required to top up to regain internet access. Capped LTE Data have higher speeds and less bandwidth. 

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred over an internet connection at a given time.

What are the advantages of purchasing LTE deals?

Fast internet speed

LTE internet is faster than the previous network 3G. It transfers and receives data fast. And it is wireless which means that it uses radio waves to transmit data.

Zero installation cost

If you have been considering purchasing LTE deals then here is the good news. LTE internet does not need installation so you don’t have to go through extra internet costs.

LTE internet is flexible

LTE internet is flexible. And if you are a wanderlust( a person who travels a lot), then this type of internet is ideal for you. Or if you are a workaholic, then a fixed internet wouldn’t suit you. Because you always want network connection everywhere you are.

LTE deals are affordable

Almost every LTE internet provider in South Africa offers different LTE packages with different prices. You can always choose a package that suits your budget. And a package that meets the amount of data you want.

LTE internet is efficient.

LTE internet offers an improved spectral efficiency.

What is spectral efficiency?

Spectral efficiency is the data rate that can be transferred over a given bandwidth in an LTE communication system.

How to choose the best LTE deals

There are several factors to put into consideration if you are choosing the best

  • Recommendation and reviews 
  • Prices
  • Internet provider
  • Comparison

The first and the most important part is knowing the LTE service providers in your area. And this you can do it online by gathering all necessary information about them. This information can include the type of LTE internet they offer, what the packages include, and many more.

Secondly, check the prices of the LTE deals. The best deals are those that you can afford to pay without straining your wallet. And make sure you check the quantity of LTE data that is being offered for that set price. 

Thirdly, the best LTE deals are offered by reputable internet providers. How do you know that this company is reputable? You check their websites for the services they offer. You check recommendations from customers, to see if the previous clients were satisfied with their internet that they could recommend it to other clients. And what type of problems the clients faced.

Lastly, check reviews from other /previous customers. by checking reviews you can confirm the package descriptions like bandwidth and latency.

How to spot the best uncapped LTE deals

Here are a few tips on how to spot the right uncapped deals for you. 

  • Compare which LTE packages 
  • Check coverage in your area
  • Choose a package that suits your needs
  • Check the internet providers social media accounts.

We’re going to take a brief look at the LTE service providers in South Africa.

Telkom LTE deals

Telkom is one of the best LTE providers in Africa. Telkom LTE speeds are high compared to fiber network speeds. Telkom LTE speeds offer a flexibility that can corrode the myth that fixed internet is the best. To check their LTE deals click here.

MTN LTE deals

When it comes to the quality of LTE internet, MTN is the best. MTN has high download speed than any other network in South Africa. MTN LTE network service is free for MTN customers. To check more about their LTE prices and packages, click here.

Mweb LTE deals

Mweb offers a variety affordable of LTE deals. However, mweb has updated its capped LTE deals (plans and prices) Check their website here.

Afrihost LTE deals

Afrihost is one of the most popular LTE providers in South Africa. They offer their LTE packages monthly meaning there is zero contract and you can cancel anytime. Check more here.

Vodacom LTE deals

Vodacom offers top-notch LTE services. It now also offers LTE roaming on some international networks. Check for more information on their website.

Have you purchased your LTE package from any of the above? 

Ecotel offers the best LTE packages.


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    Good Day,
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