Lte router

Ecotel LTE routers

Internet and network security is a growing concern for small, medium, and large business owners. Monitoring your employee’s actions or the activities of your children on the computer can be very difficult.

Doing this from a remote location is often impossible unless you have an Ecotel Lte router installed in your business or home. Whether you run a school, cafe, or a shopping center; with an Ecotel LTE router, you will have constant access to every connected device and every client that comes onto your network.

No extra costs

Free your business from the chains of high prices and restrictive contracts with this affordable LTE router. It provides businesses with a way to save hundreds of rands each month on their communications needs, while also boosting productivity and competitiveness. With an Ecotel LTE router, you can make unlimited calls and transmit data without using up your minutes or incurring extra charges.

High-quality LTE router

Ecotel offers a high-quality LTE router at an affordable price. Ecotel routers provide excellent connectivity with its high range connectivity. It allows you to connect up to 20 devices at a time.

Easy internet connectivity

The Ecotel LTE router for sale in South Africa offers a high-speed internet connection for up to 20 devices. It is possible to connect laptops, smartphones, and tablets to the internet at high speeds. The router allows you to connect to any operator in South Africa. It also supports all devices on the market.

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