pbx system small business for small business

Pbx system for small business

We are a business set up in South Africa that helps you to select and purchase the best solution for your business such as transferring calls between extensions. Our name is linked with quality, reliability, value and innovation. Our commitment to high-quality products has resulted in the sale of over 8000 switchboard systems since (2012). Our local footprint enables us to service small businesses across South Africa. We provide you with a pbx system for small business and cost effective PBX that ranges from a wide selection and specification.

We offer you to purchase telephone systems and we also offer rental options that suits your budget. We ensure that level of quality of service which you do expect from us when you purchase our office switchboard systems and other related services. We guarantee the best technical support for our pbx systems for small business. Our aim is to become the largest recommended telecommunications provider. We have the infrastructure and resources to provide you the best pricing through renowned distributors and accredited installers.

With our profound scope of top PBX solutions, we have the capacity to offer you the best answer for your business. Our courier will deliver the already programmed equipment to your office. Our experienced techinicions are ready to install your pbx system.

Switchboard systems are essential for many businesses around the world. Businesses rely on switchboard systems on a daily basis for handling their calls and messaging systems. Whether you have 3 or 3000 employees, we have a PBX solution and system that fits your company and saves you money. We are also offering solutions for medium and corporate enterprises with PBX phone systems. Our highly qualified, knowledgeable and certified technicians makes sure that you get optimal performance from your PBX. We ensure that you get value for money from the equipment you purchase.

We can customize your switchboard systems according to unique needs of each business and industry, making them versatile. All the businesses are highly dependent on frequent and hurdle free communication. Therefore, a reliable switchboard system is important to have. Our Private branch exchange systems provide additional benefits such as call recording, customer service, and security; switchboards are one of the best tools a modern business can make use of today.

All our switchboard systems are rich in features and offer flexibility, uncompromised functionality and very advanced features that highly improves your business productivity. Every PBX system we offer is fully warranted and supported by our professional team of in-house experts. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your switchboard system. We pride our team on our capability to quickly meet the market demands as well as maintaining the highest standards of services.

As an authorized communication center, Ecotel pbx system delivers world class equipment maintenance to an ever growing market within the high lucrative and competitive industry. Our service ethos is “Do it right, do it now.”This is exactly what we do. Our pbx devices also have a range of energy savings features and radiation free mode that makes this switchboard system even better for the environment.After delivery of equipment and before installation of PBX system, we do a holistic audit of your existing telephone and communication infrastructure. We look at what your telephonic infrastructure needs and evaluate your growth plans. Whether your business is small or big, we build a switchboard system solution which suits your need.

Ecotel pbx system’s latest communication and telephone systems are based on IP technology which facilitates the integration of telephone systems into company networks. One of the key attractive benefits is the ability to harness the power of the internet for high-quality PBX systems. To communicate effectively, it is essential to have quality and reliable communication systems in place for business. We have developed advanced systems which deliver a range of benefits that easily accommodate business growth. Our reputation is what people know about us. It is easier to see how we work. We recommend our clients to first learn about our products and then buy the products. Therefore, we invest a great amount of money on our commercials because we know they make a huge difference in interested parties.

The Private branch exchange is based on digital technology that shares the phone line instead of each employee having a dedicated landline number that saves monthly phone bills. This is one of the largest and original benefits of our PBX system. The IP PBX system allows your employees to keep connected to the company phone system as long as there is an internet connection. The features of the Private branch exchange allow mobile or remote employees to access the voicemails using an online dashboard and they can make calls that show the receiver of the call, the number on caller ID despite the caller’s actual location.

Features provided by the PBX system ensures reduced phone costs and increased call management. Other robust call features include
 A virtual receptionist with personalized greetings.
 The facility to transfer calls between employees/extensions
 Programmed call forwarding when extensions are busy
 Call recording
 Call logs
 Music on hold
 Call waiting
 Conference calling
 Call screening
 Voicemail to email
Most of the features are designed to increase work efficiency. For instance, call logs can make callbacks quicker and call recording can substitute note taking. Because PBX functionality is provided in software, therefore, it is inexpensive and makes it easier to add more functionality such as text to speech or XML-RPC control of voice calls. As an essential ingredient in any small business, a Private Branch Exchange system provides improved communication and measurable productivity gains because it’s the main communication channel with both suppliers and clients.
Our phone systems are also very competitively priced to meet the needs of the small businesses. In the past, communication systems of offices were nothing more than a hard wired network of telephones. Today IP PBX systems allow greater flexibility through utilizing VOIP cheap rates.
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