Uncapped fibre deals in South Africa

Uncapped Fibre deals in south africa {2024}

Are you looking for the best uncapped fibre deals? Cheap fibre price. Super fast speed. Reliable internet connection. And exceptional customer service. If so this guide is for you.

What is fibre Internet and how it works?

Fibre is an internet connection that use fibre-optic cables to connect devices to the internet. Fibre internet is also known as fibre broadband.

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and fibre?

Fibre and Wi-Fi is not the same. Although related. Wi-Fi connects devices wirelessly within a limited range. While fibre connects devices to the internet using fibre optic cables.


  • radio signals are sent from a wireless router
  • WiFi eliminates the need for messy cables
  • WiFi connects multiple devices, such as laptops, phones, printers, TVs  etc
  • multiple devices can be connected to the router at the same time
  • allows users to move around freely
  • Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity
  • The connected device then transmits a radio signal back to the router, which connects to the internet
  • WiFi makes it easy for your working space to look neater and more organized
  • WiFi is typically much easier to set up than a wired connection


  • fibre optic is also known as fibre broadband
  • fibre cables run to each house or office
  • fibre is more reliable than other types of internet
  • fibre is much faster than traditional DSL
  • fibre is more difficult for hackers to intercept your data
  • fibre is more resistant to interference
  • resistant to corrosion, unlike traditional copper wires
  • fibre optic cables transmit data at high speeds

How does the fiber internet work?

Fibre optic cables transmit data at high speeds. Data travels long distances at extremely high speeds. Data is sent as a beam of light through thin glass strands in plastic casing. The light travels by repeatedly bouncing off the walls of the cable casing. When the cable reaches your home it is connected to the fibre modem. The fibre modem will then be connected to the wifi router. And you can now connect your devices to the wifi.

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Balwin Fibre




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