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Data Bundles Cost per month (VAT incl.) Set up fee R100
250MB – R19.00
500MB – R29.00
1GB – R49.00
2GB – R89.00
3GB – R139.00
5GB – R239.00
10GB – R459.00
20GB – R959.00
30GB – R1,299.00
40GB – R1,799.00
50GB – R2,199.00

What is mobile data

Mobile data is the ability for a mobile device (phone or tablet) to connect to the internet. Mobile data is not the same thing as Wi-Fi. Mobile data is a broadband connection that enables your mobile device to have an internet connection. Also called cellular data.

Types of Mobile data

There are several types of mobile data. But there are 3 popular types:




4G LTE is a newer technology that is a faster version of 3G. However, Mobile data usage differs from one mobile network to another and it also depends on the type of your mobile device. For example, your iPhone will use more data than your Android. This is because iPhones are made for quality video streaming and video calling. 

Internet is an important utility. For fans of Call of Duty, playing on their phone is not just convenient — it is essential. If you are one of those people, then your data plan should allow for data to transfer while you play. Call of Duty Mobile consumes approximately nearly 36 Mb per hour. And if you play 1 hour a day. You will consume around 1 GB of your internet data in a month.

Why choose mobile data packages

Mobile data is flexible. There is no other device needed to insert a sim and have access to mobile data. Instead of paying for a phone plan(ADSL), you can buy a sim and pay for a data plan.

Mobile data connection has high speeds. It is actually around the same speed as the average home broadband connection and around 100 times faster than the average dial-up connection. With mobile data, it is possible to download a feature-length movie in less than 10 minutes with the right network connection. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why streaming is becoming such a common way for people to watch movies and TV shows.

Mobile data is so easy to connect to. There’s no need to get frustrated with mobile data. Even though you’re always connected, there are so many options to keep your data usage down and your costs low even when you get home from work. Like switching off your mobile data. Plus, mobile data is so easy to use that anyone can connect it even if they’ve never used a phone before.

Head here first for a comparison of the best mobile data deals, and find a plan that’s ideal for your needs.

Telkom mobile data

Experience high-speed 4G LTE and 3G mobile data on the Telkom network. Get the best value for your money with affordable prepaid and postpaid data bundles, from R1 to R599 per month. And if you don’t use all the data you’ve bought, it rolls over to the next month – up to a maximum of 24 months.

Rain mobile data

Rain mobile data plans are flexible and affordable, with no annual contract. Rain has a variety of unlimited plans that are perfect for any budget. Rain lets you decide exactly how much data you need. You can choose from 500MB to 6GB, and you will never have to worry about overage charges.

Afrihost mobile data 

With Afrihost’s data bundles, you can surf the web, share files, play online games and talk to friends on your mobile device without worrying about costly overage charges. With Afrihost’s data bundles, you can choose how much data you need from 500MB to 10GB. You can also choose the duration of your bundle – 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month.

Ecotel Mobile data Packages

Mobile data packages are great for all your mobile device internet needs. But you’re not going to want the same old data package that everyone else has. You want something special, something unique but affordable? You want one of Ecotel’s Mobile Data packages.

Ecotel offers data packages that are flexible and there is a package for every internet user. Choose from our extensive range of data packages. 

Ecotel is offering affordable mobile data packages. Mobile data bundles are great for chatting, surfing the web, listening to music, doing social networking, and more.

There is a package for every internet user. Choose from our extensive range of data packages.

You want something special, something unique but affordable? You want one of Ecotel’s Mobile Data packages.

Ecotel has a package to suit you.


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