Best and Reliable ADSL deals in South Africa

Best and Reliable ADSL deals in South Africa


Introduction to ADSL deals

In this blog you are going to learn about what ADSL means and how it works. But the most important thing is for you to know more about ADSL deals in South Africa and their packages. We are going to mention for you  the Best Internet Service Providers operating in South Africa.

What ADSL means ?

ADSL (Asymmetrical  Digital Subscriber Line )  was first trusted and launched by Telkom in South Africa in 2002.

ADSL is a form of digital subscriber line technology that uses existing telephone lines to provide high speed internet access to homes and businesses. L technology  works by separating a standard copper telephone line into separate voice and data transmission channels. This allows the user to simultaneously access the internet and make telephone calls without interference.

Best ADSL providers to trust in South AfricaADS

  • Telkom
  • Vodacom
  • Mweb


Telkom ADSL deals

telkomtelkom ADSL deals

Telkom ADSL  deals is premium with no fair usage policy, ideal for home users with large bandwidth requirements. Telkom ADSL has  low latency and FREE enabled router connects to multiple smart devices  which is perfect for gaming, video and voice streaming applications.

It is also giving existing DSL customers uncapped data. Telkom new prices are for promotional period of six months. Telkom is aggressively cutting down its products to very lowest prices so it is very cheap to use. However prices after the promotion ends are still lower than existing offers.

Telkom Unlimited ADSL Internet

10 Mbps (R625)

  • 10 Mbps download speed
  • 1Mbps upload speed
  • Uncapped data
  • Free Wi- fi router, activation and installation on a month to month contract
  • R350 Promo Price for first 6 months

2o Mbps (R35)

  • 20 Mbps download speed
  • 5Mbps upload speed
  • Uncapped data
  • Free Wi- fi router, activation and installation month to month contract
  • R415  Promo Price for first 6 months


40Mbps (R945)

  • 40Mbps download speed
  • 10Mbps upload speed
  • Uncapped data
  • Free Wi- fi router, activation and installation on month to month contract
  • R525 Promo Price for first 6 months



Vodacom ADSL deals

vodacom adsl dealsvodacom adsl deals

Working with Vodacom on all internet services is a great deal in South Africa. It provides best products and services of best experience. All equipment at the Subscriber’s premises  enable the Subscriber to gain access to the service not limited to the router or ADSL modem that connects the Subscriber’s premises which is either owned by the ADSL Line.

The Subscriber can select from Shaped ADSL products.  A subscriber may purchase Internet access only. The ADSL line rental and the charges relating to the rental of the fixed telephone line will be charged separately by the ADSL provider and the fixed line operator.

The Subscriber’s area of residence can be located within an identified ADSL service area with the capability of connecting to various line speed rates i.e. 384 kbps,512 kbps or 4 Mbps.

VSP provide the Subscriber with a specific data package(1GB, 3GB, 5GB or 10GB) as selected by the Subscriber in the Application Form. Customer’s throughput are throttled to 16kbps upon
depletion of their ADSL data bundles. The Subscriber entitled to purchase Top Up (Ad-hoc) ADSL Bundles throughout the month and any unused Top Up (Ad-hoc) ADSL Bundles shall be carried over to the last calendar day of the following month. Any Top Up bundles purchased in the current month only expire on the last calendar day of the following month.


Mweb ADSL deals

mweb adsl dealsmweb adsl deals

Mweb connects you with to the Internet and manages your connection once physical installation has been completed. A standard ADSL router can be used. Installation and connection fees are set out by Openserve for this ADSL product, BUT Mweb is running a special deal that offers FREE installation, saving customers over R1000

ADSL  products, but no longer require a landline/voice line from line from Telkom and a separate ADSL line. Save upp too R200 per month on Mweb’s ADSL products that do not include a separate voice and ADSL Line.

Other Uncapped Mweb ADSL packages

  • 5Mbps Uncapped ADSL  (R299pm)
  • 10Mbps Uncapped ADSL  (R399pm)
  • 20Mbps Uncapped ADSL  (R599pm)
  • 40Mbps Uncapped ADSL   (R699pm)


ADSL is the first internet to be launched in South Africa and it provides best packages and good customer care. It was trusted since 2000 since now it is used in companies and homes because it’s cheap and affordable all the times even there is Fibre that is now used in some big and high income companies.

We just hope you have enjoyed the blog now there is direction in your choosing of Internet Service Providers and deals in South Africa. Follow this link Slug  for more information about ADSL deals in South Africa.





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