Satellite Internet

What is satellite internet?

Satellite internet is a system that provides internet through communication satellites. It is the process of using satellites instead of wires to get your internet service to you.

The idea of having a wireless world started around 1945. And on July 10, 1962, AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories launched the first communication satellite. In 1963, the Hughes Aircraft Company developed a satellite technology that would help in television broadcasts. Since then, the world has been a better place.

South Africa has almost 16 or more satellite internet providers. On most occasions, satellite internet is usually used in rural areas. That is because you are far from the service providers. And also many people in the country’s rural areas don’t have access to the same quality of internet as people who live in metropolitan areas.

In South Africa, almost 60 percent of its citizens have internet access, and one-third of the 60 percent uses satellite internet. 

Types of Satelite Internet.

There are two types of satellite internet. That is uncapped satellite internet and capped satellite internet.

Uncapped Satelite Internet

Uncapped satellite means unlimited internet access. That is usually a package set by an internet provider, for example, Telkom. 

Capped Satelite Internet

Capped satellite internet is when you pay a set amount per month for satellite internet and then have a data cap that you can’t exceed. If you go over your data cap, you’ll have to pay overage fees. The cap is usually in the range of 75GB to 150GB.

These are the most popular satellite internet providers in South Africa:

 -Elon musk 

 – MWEB – Cybersmart 

– Vox 

Satellites have traditionally been used for voice and data communications, but they can also be used to provide high-speed internet access. Satellite internet is a good option for people who live in remote areas with no access to high-speed internet. 

Telkom satellite internet

Telkom satellite internet is one of the best internet services you can get in South Africa. Telkom satellite internet is fast and reliable.

Elon musk satellite internet

Elon musk satellite internet is a private satellite internet service provider. They are the best in providing high-quality, flexible, and low-cost internet services to private homes across South Africa.

Uncapped Internet Prices in South Africa

Uncapped internet is the most affordable way to access the internet, so it’s the best option if you want to stream, download, or do anything else that uses a lot of data. Uncapped satellite internet packages in South Africa range from 800 ZAR to 1500 ZAR.

Ecotel uncapped satellite internet deals.

Get the best, cheap and affordable fixed wireless internet deals from Ecotel. They offer the best-uncapped internet deals in South Africa. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Ecotel has a plan to fit your requirements and budget. 

Ecotel internet packages are great value, and there’s no lock-in contract. And you can change your plan at any time.

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited internet with Ecotel’s uncapped internet deals.

If you are looking for a fast, reliable, and affordable broadband wireless connection then be sure to contact them today!

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