Unlimited voip packages calls from R399/m, landline number on mobile, first month free then R40/m. Pay only when you have the number. Setup R40. Landline number to cellphone. Don’t delay. Order now.

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Voip call rates South Africa

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Ecotel landline number

Ecotel is the best and cheapest landline number service provider in South Africa. Telephone numbers are commonly called did numbers or virtual numbers. Ecotel offers international and local numbers. Their South African geographical local numbers range from 010, 011, 012, 021, 031, 051, etc South African national numbers include 0861, 087, etc. Free set up, R40 per month rental.

What is VoIP?

VoIP Phones is a network-enabled SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) phone developed especially to allow users to make telephone calls over the internet. VoIP Phones not only gives you the benefit of saving a lot of money when you switch to VoIP Phones but also provides you with unlimited functions and services that help you live a life with better convenience.

Why Choose Ecotel VoIP?

When you choose the Ecotel VoIP service, you will have access to fully functional systems that are able to replace both your traditional landline and your mobile phone. You can switch over immediately or take your time. The VoIP rates are highly affordable, from as little as 10c per minute for local calls and 1c per minute for international calls. You can also enjoy savings of up to 80% off call charges when making calls with the VoIP service; that’s significant savings on any calling plan!

How does a local landline number work?

Icasa regulates the telephone numbering to telephone/ landline number service provider. The service provider manages the telephone numbers and charges for that. With Ecotel, all those who stay out of the country can buy this number and enjoy 10c per minute calls. So they will stay connected.

Hosted pbx prices

5 Extensions


Hosted pbx

  • R225 total price
  • free sip trunk
  • unlimited calls between extensions

25 Extensions


Hosted pbx

  • R875 total price
  • free sip trunk
  • unlimited calls between extensions

50 Extensions


Hosted pbx

  • R1600 total price
  • free sip trunk
  • unlimited calls between extensions

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